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We are all spiritual: Even if you don't think so.

Most people would associate spirituality with religion or a certain belief system, specifically a “higher power” or supernatural entity. While those things are a part of spirituality, spirituality is much more than those things.


We all have an unexplained connection to ourselves, other people, and the universe. We are all spiritual despite whatever you choose to believe. There are certain things that we experience that can’t be explained in scientific terms, and we feel a sense of wholeness when we connect with them.


What is Spirituality?



Using this definition of spirituality, it is safe to say that when we embrace our spirituality we can tap into a higher level of consciousness and thereby have access to a higher state of being where we experience a sense of belonging and acceptance.


How you already experience spirituality


Have you ever heard of “that little voice in your head”? Not a literal voice, but that level of conscious awareness that you use to discern if a situation feels right, wrong, good, bad, or safe.

That little voice is often your intuition and we can be so spiritually disconnected from ourselves that we often don’t hear it or ignore it.

If this has ever been the case you may find yourself saying “I knew something wasn’t right” or “Something told me not to trust (or do)_________.”


We experience spirituality through love and connection with other people. You may have experienced feeling an instant connection when you met someone for the first time or even have referred to someone as your “twin flame”.  We can sometimes be so connected to other people that we can “feel” when they are not ok, and sense when we are becoming disconnected from them. 

Our connection with other people creates attachment. We can share unspoken feelings and have a shared understanding of the connection we have with them, without ever having to say it.


We also experience spirituality through our connection to the environment; If the weather is good or bad your mood can change. Most people tend to be depressed in the winter and feel a sense of relief in the summer. The rain can affect your mood, and how you feel physically. The Sun is often attributed to happiness and energy.


These examples are all ways we connect with people and circumstances spiritually.


Benefits of spirituality


Exploring and incorporating spiritual practices in your life can improve your physical health, and have a positive effect on your mental health. It can give you a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and freedom. Can aid in healing from trauma, grief, and loss. In essence, spirituality can create a life worth living.


Spiritual practices include, but are not limited to:

  • Adopting a sense of gratitude and acknowledging positive aspects of your life.

  • Positive Affirmations

  • Meditation and Yoga

  • Deep breathing

  • Body awareness

  • Prayer

  • Eating healthy/exercising

  • Reiki

  • Setting intentions

  • Manifesting positive things (writing them down, reciting them)



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